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Step #1: Use the CITKAC script

In order to verify if you have access to all source code repositories incorporated in a distribution file you can execute a dedicated CITKAC script before actually deploying the distribution to save time. You may clone/use the script in a folder of your choice, since it is not directly related to a specific distribution.

cd ~
git clone
python /path/to/citk/src/ some.distribution

Here, /path/to/citk/src/ is the folder where your CITK source files reside, e.g., distributions, projects and templates. The script will check each and every SCM location and report whether you can access (read) it or not.

Example output (abbreviated)

>> The following GIT Repositories were not accessible
sfb-c4-vision [ file:///vol/ni/src/git/sfbVision.git ]


>> The following SVN Repositories were not accessible
milab-library [ ]
milab-interface [ ]


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